Why Sustainability Matters

Home to a diverse set of ecosystems and plant life, BC is known for its skyscraper forests, lush foliage, and varied wildlife, but it’s all in danger. Major climate change continues to be devastating to the province with raging wildfires and other natural disasters.

We want to be a part of a world both we and generations after us can enjoy and that starts and ends with caring for the environment we live in.

Why We Do It


Protect the habitat for a wide variety of aquatic and terrestrial wildlife.


Reduce the flood risk around Lillooet River.

Natural Regeneration

Contribute with the natural plant growth on limited areas.

How it Works

The forest service roads are turned over and sluffed up by using an excavator to turn up and make the hard compact roads loose and more natural terrain. The Ministry did that sometime over the past two years, and now have gone in to plant trees along those former roads to now turn that into forest and put it back to a natural state and completely deactivate the road network.

Seedlings Planted

Cariboo Cares Reforestation Program

One of the most recognizable parts of BC are our many lush and dense forests, but serious damage from overlogging, insects, and sizeable forest fires has drastically reduced the number of many of these important trees.

We’re trying to change that.

We believe it’s important to give something back to our community, our customers, and the province. We have always believed our brewery should invest where we live and tree planting has been an important element of that giving since 2010. The reforestation program is one of our core commitments to the community and will endure for years to come. 

Motivation Behind Our Actions

This project required a total of 10.7 hours of breathtaking helicopter flying, ferrying determined tree planters to their allotted blocks while gently depositing trees and crucial supplies. These trees, grown in our cutting-edge facilities, underwent “hot planting” – a direct journey from greenhouse to earth, skipping the hibernation period. This dynamic method ensured that these arboreal wonders grew indefinitely throughout the whole process.

We are part of a bigger family

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