Cariboo Blonde


An easy drinking all-season lager that’s white gold in color with a crisp and crushable light malt finish. Crafted to purity law standards using our own natural spring water, this natural blonde is available in British Columbia at BC Liquor Stores and private retailers, as well as Alberta, too!

Did you know?: Cariboo Blonde has won multiple awards since being released including a 2017 BC Beer Award. If you haven’t given this award winning Blonde a try yet, you might just want to think about giving it a go on your next trip to your local Cariboo retailer to see exactly why this is one of our best sellers!

  • Available in BC and AB
  • Alcohol Volume: 5.5 %
  • Calories : 145
  • Product Pack Availability:
    6 / 15 X 355 ML

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