Cariboo Genuine Draft Have New Packs Available!

We want to announce two new arrivals from Cariboo products! The Genuine Draft in a brand new 8-pack! This is perfect for those who love the crisp, refreshing taste of Cariboo and want to stock up on their favourite beer.

A Classic Brew, Now Even Easier to Enjoy

Cariboo Genuine Draft has been for years a popular beer in Prince George and Alberta. It’s a light and refreshing beer that never fails to make anyone happy no matter the occasion. The new 8-pack makes it even easier to enjoy your Cariboo at home, at the cabin, or wherever you want to relax.

The eight-pack is excellent for sharing with friends and family. Whether you’re hosting a barbecue, cheering for the home team, or simply enjoying a summer evening on the deck, Cariboo Genuine Draft is the ideal beer to drink with good company.

Find Cariboo Genuine Draft 8-packs in your local store!

The new Cariboo Genuine Draft 8-pack is now available in your local liquor store. So look for it today and stock up on your favourite beer!

Don’t forget that Cariboo Genuine Draft is also available in single cans (472 ML) and other pack sizes to meet your needs.

We’re very happy to provide this new, easy way to enjoy Cariboo Genuine Draft.


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