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PWB - Beverages - Pacific Cool - TangPassFruit

Pacific Cool Tangerine Passion Fruit

Our new Tangerine Passionfruit Pacific Cool Vodka Soda is a little taste of the tropics with a well-balanced, floral, and freshly-squeezed finish. This fusion of tropical flavors brings the natural essence of tangy tangerines and succulent passionfruit together, and pairs it with our own pure mountain spring water source that makes a beverage that’s so …

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PWB - Beverages - Pacific Cool - Strawberry Rhubarb

Pacific Cool Strawberry Rhubarb

We’ve balanced and blended the tartness of fresh Rhubarb with the sweetness of juicy summer strawberries to create one of our newest flavours of Pacific Cool Vodka Soda: Strawberry Rhubarb! Reminiscent of a classic home-made pie, this carefully crafted fusion flavour is sure to be a hit across BC and beyond!

PWB - Beverages - Pacific Cool - White Peach

Pacific Cool White Peach

One of our newest releases, White Peach became an instant favorite in British Columbia and beyond for its light white peach taste paired with pure spring water and Canadian-made vodka. Think of it as a 100 calorie Bellini in a can that’s ready to go when you are. 

PWB - Beverages - Pacific Cool - Sour Cherry

Pacific Cool Sour Cherry

Not too sweet, not too sour! Sour Cherry Pacific Cool became an instant hit with Vodka Soda lovers across BC and beyond! The pure spring water source, natural sour cherry flavors, and Canadian made vodka put this vodka soda at the top of its class.

PWB - Beverages - Pacific Cool - Blueberry

Pacific Cool Blueberry

This Blueberry is ALWAYS in season! Pick a can of Pacific Cool Blueberry up from your local retailer and enjoy the refreshing taste of fresh BC Blueberries combined with pure spring water. The final product is a vodka soda that’s light on calories and sugar and heavy on taste!

PWB - Beverages - Pacific Cool - Grapefruit

Pacific Cool Grapefruit

Ready to drink and bursting with juicy ruby red grapefruit flavor! We’ve prepped each can of Grapefruit Pacific Cool Vodka Soda just for you. They’re ready to go for your next adventures après and available in 355 mL can 6 packs! Like all your Pacific Cool favourites, our grapefruit flavor has just 100 calories per …

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PWB - Beverages - Pacific Cool - Blood Orange

Pacific Cool Blood Orange

Made with pure spring water as the first of just 3 key ingredients! The tangy flavor profile and citrusy blood orange finish make every sip taste like summer. Plus, we know you’ll taste the difference our pure mountain spring water source makes.

PWB - Beverages - Pacific Cool - Lemon Lime

Pacific Cool Lemon Lime

There’s a reason this one came first! Lemon Lime Pacific Cool is one of our original releases and pairs the essence of tart lemons and fresh limes with pure 100% BC mountain spring water. The result is a refreshing taste perfect for any time of the year! 

PWB - Beverages - Pacific Cool - Raspberry

Pacific Cool Raspberry

There’s a reason that raspberry was one of the very first flavors in the Pacific Cool Family! A light, fresh raspberry taste that comes in at just 100 calories per can that’s paired with our very own pure spring water. Raspberry Pacific Cool is just as refreshing and satisfying as picking a bucket of fresh …

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