Wild Thing Hard Orange Cream Soda

  A nostalgic and full flavoured throwback to one of our favourite summer treats, Wild Thing Hard Orange Cream Soda is a classic Cream Soda paired with the citrusy sweetness of your favourite Orange Soda, and a light, creamy, vanilla taste. Wild Thing Hard Orange Cream Soda can be found in 473ml single tall cans …

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PWB - Beverages - Cariboo - Lager

Cariboo Lager

Cariboo Lager is a throwback to the original roots of our storied brewery and tastes exactly like a true BC beer should taste. Coming in at 5% ABV, this easy-drinking Lager is destined to be a classic in British Columbia, Alberta, and beyond! Making use of Canadian malts, specially selected Saaz Hops, and our very …

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PWB - Beverages - Pacific Cool - TangPassFruit

Pacific Cool Tangerine Passion Fruit

Our new Tangerine Passionfruit Pacific Cool Vodka Soda is a little taste of the tropics with a well-balanced, floral, and freshly-squeezed finish. This fusion of tropical flavors brings the natural essence of tangy tangerines and succulent passionfruit together, and pairs it with our own pure mountain spring water source that makes a beverage that’s so …

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PWB - Beverages - Pacific Cool - Strawberry Rhubarb

Pacific Cool Strawberry Rhubarb

We’ve balanced and blended the tartness of fresh Rhubarb with the sweetness of juicy summer strawberries to create one of our newest flavours of Pacific Cool Vodka Soda: Strawberry Rhubarb! Reminiscent of a classic home-made pie, this carefully crafted fusion flavour is sure to be a hit across BC and beyond!

PWB - Beverages - Pacific - Free

Pacific Free

PWB’s “Pacific” family of beers have been West Coast classics since the eighties, brewed using an ISO-certified, all-malt recipe and our pure BC spring water, which is an essential ingredient in all our great brews. We are proud to introduce Pacific Free, a gluten-removed Lager for a discerning, health-conscious generation of beer lovers. Pacific Free …

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PWB - Beverages - Pacific - Pilsner

Pacific Pilsner

A West Coast classic since the eighties. Our Pacific Pilsner is brewed using an ISO-certified, all malt recipe, but the standout ingredient is our BC spring water—essential to a great Pilsner brew. Keeping true to the original Czech style that it is based on, this is a crisp, clean, golden lager that has a good …

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Only available if you live in Alberta and if you like an explosion of taste, TNT Strong Malt is an amber-coloured manly brew and it is a long-time favourite. It’s guaranteed to satisfy your thirst, TNT Strong is actually its very own unique PWB lager blend. Many British Columbians have already discovered the quality of …

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Fermented longer with a special yeast – the reason for the higher alcohol content – Ironhorse is a strong brew for beer connoisseurs. Its bold graphics and original appeal are not for the faint-of-palate. Overall, this lager is a brawny mouthful of velvet smoothness. 

PWB - Beverages - Pacific Cool - White Peach

Pacific Cool White Peach

One of our newest releases, White Peach became an instant favorite in British Columbia and beyond for its light white peach taste paired with pure spring water and Canadian-made vodka. Think of it as a 100 calorie Bellini in a can that’s ready to go when you are. 

PWB - Beverages - Pacific Cool - Sour Cherry

Pacific Cool Sour Cherry

Not too sweet, not too sour! Sour Cherry Pacific Cool became an instant hit with Vodka Soda lovers across BC and beyond! The pure spring water source, natural sour cherry flavors, and Canadian made vodka put this vodka soda at the top of its class.

PWB - Beverages - Pacific Cool - Blueberry

Pacific Cool Blueberry

This Blueberry is ALWAYS in season! Pick a can of Pacific Cool Blueberry up from your local retailer and enjoy the refreshing taste of fresh BC Blueberries combined with pure spring water. The final product is a vodka soda that’s light on calories and sugar and heavy on taste!

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